ERP Customizations

During my gap year in China, I have worked in CCS China Ltd. an electronic design and manufacturing company. I worked on the ERP system SyteLine and customized it to confirm the business processes within the company.

The learning outcomes were overwhelming: From customer relationships over to purchasing, warehousing, quality control, production back to finance and business analysis, I have covered the whole business chain with intensive crash courses in each area. Requests came from every department and each required me to be highly flexible and further get into the minds from people having totally different backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Timespan: 1 year
  • Technologies: C#, tSQL, MS SQL Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010, SyteLine 8.03/9.01
  • Platform: Windows

In the following I will list the bigger projects I have worked on. This is by far not covering everything I have done. Please contact me for further information!


By far the biggest project was enhancing the forecasting system. Forecasts were extended with an submission and approval process before going live. Restricted access rights for each function ensured a 4-eye principle. I was completely responsible to gain knowledge about the forecasts introduce them to the employees. Afterwards, we iterativly enhanced the function and made the go live.


The picture above depicts that there are a couple of customer orders within the range of the newly entered or selected forecast. Helpful, because sometimes employees lost the overview which forecasts were already entered and might have consumed other forecasts. The subgrid is dynamically fetched once a forecast is selected or created and as such helps was highly appreciated by CRM when entering new forecasts or analyzing existing ones.

Below, we will find a fully customized and easy extendible log for every change of a forecast.

ABC Code Analysis

SyteLine only provides one ABC code. But, as the warehouse has other demand for an ABC code than the project manager for increasing ITO and DIFOT, we required several ones. I did not only provide multiple ABC codes, which were used all over the system, I further run them automatically with customized settings for the general planning of all items every night.

Below, examples of ABC codes and their configurations. From left to right: Future demand value, unit price, regular ABC settings configuration settings for authorized users


ABCAnalysisUnitPrice ABCAnalysisPlanningParameters

Customer Contracts

To the needs of the company, I have extended the information which is possible to store for a customer contract price. We needed to change the actual IDO key property in behind. Having all the information stored here allowed us to automatically validate and derive information in couple other system parts (customer order lines, blanket lines, blanket releases, forecasts).


Extended Debugging

Infors’ Syteline was used to its’ limits during debugging with the diagnostics inside of WinStudio. The picture depicts a debugging session with the diagnostics.

SearchWithBraketParsingAll, the debugging of stored procedures inside of MS SQL Server, the usage of the MS SQL Query Analyzer as well as the remote debugging tool inside of SMSS are part of my standard debugging tool repertoire.

Sometimes I hit the limit of SyteLine’s debugging options. One example is searching with a braket inside of the search function when debugging.

SyteLine Upgrading

Besides the customizations, I have also participated in the SyteLine 8.xx to 9.xx upgrade. To name but a few, this included stored procedure follow up, customization merging and reapply them as well as providing instructions, training and risk assessment for the project as such.