CarMania – RocketLeague Prototype In Unreal Engine 4

This game is a rapid prototype of the famous game Rocket League. The target was to create a Rocket League clone with some additional power ups and get a feeling for the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). The features comprise a in game menu system, three power up types, physical believable car, jumping, particle effects, a closed arena having glass to see the foliage outside. All features will be in detail further below.

  • Timespan: 30 hours
  • Technologies: Unreal Engine 4.9.2
  • Platform: Windows

In-Game Menu


The starting screen looks like the picture depicted above. Four buttons provide you a selection with how many players the local multilayer should start (not fully implemented – always starting with 4). However, the About will redirect to another screen showing the contributers, where we can then navigate back to this menu screen.




When cars are touching, one is always exploding. No collision resolving is done, because that contradicts the idea in UE4 that you either have a no collision or a collision. At least, that was my quick solution.

Nonetheless, only that car is exploding, which has the higher velocity. The other car is exploded and respawned to the latest starting position.